Pre-Event Workshops | Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Workshop A: Harvard Vs Yale and Endowment Style Investing

Timings: 9:00 – 12:30
This workshop will focus on endowment style investing and will be based on real-life case studies used by the Harvard Business School/CFA Investment Management Workshop Program. The case studies being used are the Harvard Management Company which focusses on long-term alpha generation and the other is Clare College which focusses on the long-term risk and return of holding equities. The workshop will address the following questions:
  • How do institutions gain long-term edges in investing?
  • What kinds of institutions have the biggest advantages?
  • Why have Harvard and Yale invested differently? Which approach is better?
  • Should quantitative strategies feature more prominently in endowment portfolios?
  • How risky is it to own equities over long time horizons? Should institutions make irrevocable multi-decade commitments to owning equities?
  • What are reasonable long-term risk and return goals as seen from today?
  • Endowments and foundations usually seek to earn at least a 5% real return. Will that be easy to achieve for moderate risk over the next ten years?
  • What about the capital market environment is unique today? What are the downside risks? Could we have another crisis as bad as in the GFC of 2008?
  • What is the best way to invest looking forward from today?

Facilitated by:
Professor Andre Perold, George Gund Professor of Finance & Banking, Emeritus, Harvard Business School and Founder, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer, HighVista Strategies Jesse Barnes, Managing Partner & Portfolio Manager, HighVista Strategies

Workshop B: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management: What to Expect, What to Fear

Timings: 9:00 – 12:30
The 21st Century has witnessed a rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and quantitative techniques in all industries; particularly finance. This presents both immense hope and a procession of accompanying dangers.
This workshop will present a birds-eye view of:
  • New developments in data science
  • The base principles behind machine learning and neutral networks and how they are used in the asset management industry
  • The challenges of risk management
  • Approaches for manager selection and the question of distinguishing skill from luck

Facilitated by:
Professor Raphael Douady, Robert Frey Endowed Chair for Quantitative Finance, Stony Brook University, and Fellow, Economic Centre of Sorbonne



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